Auctions can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to the game.

Check out our tips and best practices below so you can be prepared for your next public auction event.

Arrive Prior to the Auction Start Time


All bidders should arrive prior to the scheduled auction time to register. The commencement of the auction will vary based upon a variety of factors including the number of bidders, length of the auction documents readings, and questions by qualified bidders.


Please Refrain from Cell Phone Usage


Registered bidders are asked to complete all telephone calls and conversations prior to the commencement of bidding to avoid distracting themselves or others during the active bidding process.


Identification and Qualifying Deposit Check are Required


To register as a bidder you must present your ID and a check qualified for deposit, keeping in mind cash is not accepted. Information regarding qualifying deposits can be found on the Towne Auction Terms and Conditions page.


Remain in the Auction Area


Once registered, bidders must remain present in the auction area until the auction has ended and documents have been signed. During the active bidding process, all registered bidders are responsible for ensuring that they are in full view of the auctioneer so that they can hear and respond to any bidding for the duration of the process.


Bidding Process Will Proceed


From the time bidding commences until the sale documents are completed, the auctioneer will have no obligation to suspend, delay, restart or otherwise modify the bidding flow to accommodate any registered bidder who walks away from the auction, is engaged on a cell phone or side conversation, is sitting in a vehicle, or is otherwise not engaged in the process.


Please Remain Attentive


It is the responsibility of each registered bidder to devote sufficient attention to the process to be in a position to enter and/or advance his or her bids at the appropriate time and in appropriate amounts including advancing his or her final bid.


Offers Only Accepted During Active Bidding


Once the auction concludes the auctioneer will not be able to accept further bids, nor will any offers to purchase the property after the conclusion of the sale be considered.




Bidders are encouraged to direct questions to the Towne Auction Company offices prior to auction at (781) 790-7870. If you would like to review a purchase agreement prior to buying, please request one in advance by contacting our offices.